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I am 24 years old woman and as I am getting older, I have realized that I want to not only look great and stylish in clothes I chose to wear; I want to feel comfortable, as well. My body and my soul just must love every fashion piece I have in my closet. I found minimalist style closer to me and somehow I am now more feeling myself in simply colours/cuts (but I love to add some original shoes, handbags or accessories to my outfits, for sure). I love black, white, and grey colours - maybe its because I am very creative person and I need to show this creativity through my work, not only my clothes - I am feeling more productive then. 
As you could have already read, I will be a part of stunning SFW Montreal fashion event and I spotted very interesting brand called HATCHI DESIGN. Selma Benterki, who is a founder and fashion designer of this brand, impressed me with her designs a lot. They are simple, original and so chic! Selma will present her debut runway on Friday June 22, at Crowley Arts Centre in Montreal. Read more and enjoy our small interview!

Selma Benterki

MB: Hatchi design is quite lately established brand (launched in September 2017).
What made you create it and what does make it different from the others?

SB: "Firstly, I created the Hatchi brand because it was a dream and passion that I always had and I decided to achieve it. Secondly, I am a big fashion lover and I did not always find the clothes I wanted to wear - quite chic, cool, comfortable and without costing a fortune. Hatchi is an unique brand because it offers styles with high-end fabrics that are accessible and encourages sustainable development. We produce all our clothes in Montreal and we have an eco-friendly collection which we are very proud of."

BOTO Boatneck collar sweater with ICHI Wool wide-leg pants, HATCHI DESIGN

MB: Nowadays, we live in a really busy time. Today's girls try to become adults very quickly, which reflects in the way they dress. I did not miss the fact that the main goal of your brand is to create for  the modern millennial woman.
Could you describe this "modern millennial" term to me the way you see it?

SB: "I am myself from the generation of modern millennials. We often want to have style which reflects our personalities and is comfortable for our busy lifestyle, too; but without giving up the unique style, encouraging sustainable and local development. We are the generation of social networks and we like to follow influencers and to be one of them, as well."

HATCHI Long sleeveless virgin wool cardigan, ISU Silk mesh top with black midi skirt, HATCHI DESIGN

MB: Because I live in Montreal for almost six months by now, I am very happy to get in touch with local designers and better understand the way they see the fashion.
What does make Montreal unique to you? Could you describe to me the style of the typical local woman?

SB: "I come from Montreal and I have realized that Montreal women like clothes that are stylish and unique, but are simple and comfortable at the same time; the clothes that can be worn everywhere, for every occasion from 9am to the midnight. They love to follow new trends and support local designers. Typical local woman wants to know who made her clothes and she also wants to be in touch with those people."


MB: I find my life of a journalist, photographer and stylist very hectic, but also very exciting at the same time. I sometimes run out of ideas and experience those days when I would love to be creative, but I simply can't.
How does your typical working day look like and what do you do in case you have the mentioned "bad day"?

SB: "I have been in the financial field for many years and I really liked it, however I needed to realize the creative part of myself. I grew up in the fashion world thanks to the fact my mother was fashion designer so you can imagine my fascination by this world. After many years of doubts and hesitation I decided to make the jump. When I started to create my own line of clothing I realized being creative was much more difficult than I would have expected. As you said, there are those days when it just does not work. In addition, sometimes I find more difficult moving from the creation to the realization of a design - that's why I organize my days according to what I am able to do in that particular moment. For example, I have these days when lots of ideas come to my mind so I use that time for creating new designs; the other days I work on the realization - it means to choose fabrics, manufacturers and to think of marketing. I don't have a typical day and this is the reason why I love this work. It is not a job, it is a passion that keeps me alive every day.
Of course there are those moments of discouragement and bad days. These days I am feeling that things are not progressing as I would like to and the whole situation is very difficult for me. However, I always cling to what motivates me - my passion and the fact my dreams can come true! Everything I need to do is to find right direction and keep moving; never give up."

MB: You are a part of SFW. This event helps lots of people break into industry and create successful business.
What can we briefly expect from you to show us at this event?

SB: "It is an incredible opportunity for us to participate in SFW Montreal. For a new brand is very difficult to make its own place in the community of fashion industry - in Montreal, there is not always easy to find opportunities to make our brand more visible. For our fashion show we bet on the transparency and simplicity, which are our characteristic features. We want to show that it is possible to be chic and have simple style at the same time. Every design express simplicity with a touch of detail and this connection makes our creations unique."

I want to thank Selma for her time. It was very interesting interview for me. Do not miss her elegant website and enjoy her runway debut at SFW event, as well!


SFW // Meet Up with Hatchi Design

Something very interesting is coming up in June in Montreal. From June 20th to June 22nd, it’s the Start up Fashion Week! Normally held in Toronto, Canada; this year they decided to switch metropolis and to jump to the Montreal market. Because – hell yes – Montreal is indeed a very stylish city!


The Start up Fashion week – or SFW – represents great opportunities for emerging designers to expand their network and obviously get first exposure to showcase their work. Yet as well, opportunities for new models to come to light. Lots of feverishness; so don’t miss it!

Check out SFW here.

For the occasion, I had the chance to meet up with the designer of Hatchi Design, Selma – and her adorable dog – last weekend for an interview. Absolutely lovely talk; she is so inspiring yet very down-to-earth. Excited to see her work later this week!

See her website here.
Follow her on instagram @hatchidesign
Follow her on Facebook @hatchidesignofficial

Indeed, Hatchi Design is part of the runway show this Friday evening. Selma and Hatchi Design will be present all 3 days; so you can all meet her and see for yourself just how amazing she is.

Then, let me introduce you to Selma and Hatchi Design!


1. Where did it all start?

“[small laugh] So, it all started with a dream. I’ve liked fashion for a long time and I wanted a project that was more creative [than what I was doing]. My mother used to work as a designer so I was bathing in this passion and then, this and that happened – such as the opportunity to be part of SFW – and Hatchi Design was born.”

2. As you’ve told me earlier, you’ve been thinking about it for a while but only recently have you truly made the jump.

“Exactly. In September of 2017, so just a few months ago! [laughs] So as my mom has been working all her life in this field, she could bring the technical part to the team; as I, having a financial background, it was pretty different. I am the one designing the clothing and drawing, and then she would help me see the feasibility of it [laughs] and more about the logistics, where to go to for materials, for manufacturing, etc.”

3. Why the name “Hatchi”? If my memory is right, this has some Japanese roots.

“Yes! ‘Hatchi’ has a lot of meanings and indeed one of them is that it means ‘8’ in Japanese. And for them, this number is associated to good fortune – which is obviously good! [laughs] And the logo – the inverted V – means ‘8’ in Arabic, which represents my own roots. As well, actually, there is this Japanese movie that is called ‘Hatchi’ with the dog [named Hatchi] and it makes me cry every time. And because of this very touching movie, I called my own dog here ‘Hatchi’, and when came the time to find a name for my brand, it was natural for me to call it Hatchi.”


4. What inspires you for Hatchi Design?

“A bit of everything. This is quite the boring answer but it’s true! Yet actually, I really like to play with symmetry and asymmetry. It’s really about the cut, the silhouette, rather than the pattern.”

5. It’s still quite minimalist, right?

“Yes! It’s about very neutral colours; it’s simple. I want it to be chic and at the same time very comfortable. We shouldn’t be compromising our comfort for our style. […] For example, we’ve designed a sweatpants that is very comfortable but as well very chic. We could wear it for at an evening outing very easily and not feel under-dressed! We like to work with the material to bring this aspect of comfort to something that often is not, and the same for chic.”

6. Talking about the materials, you decided to use more environmentally-friendly materials.

“Yes! We want to use more organic materials – like cashmere – for Hatchi Designs. And when that is not possible, to at least use recycled materials. It is very important for us to be ethical; and we are absolutely thrilled that the fashion industry is heading towards that avenue as well. It is not always easy to find beautiful materials that look good, respect what I have in mind for my designs AND are environmentally-friendly but we work hard with local partners to make it come true. We feel that it is important for our generation, so being ethical is definitely part of Hatchi Designs.”

IMG_6095 - Copy.JPG

7. So for the readers, who is Hatchi Design for?

“This initially started for me because I couldn’t find what I was looking for [laughs] so this is for someone like me. So, for the Millennial woman who cares about what she looks but doesn’t want to compromise her comfort nor the environment for her style. This is for the woman who feels accomplished, and knows how to treat herself – as this is high quality materials and designs – and like the minimalist style.”

8. And where can we find Hatchi Design?

“So we are launching our online store with the fashion show this week! Very excited. People will be able to order online from everywhere in Canada and to receive by mail everything.”

9. Lastly, how are you approaching the Start up Fashion Week?

“A lot of excitement. We are still doing some fine tuning as we are launching the brand itself too! We are going to have 10 models walking the runway for Hatchi Design; so this is not to be missed on Friday! And Wednesday and Thursday night, we will also be attending the networking events to meet fellow entrepreneurs but also the public. So come see us! [laughs]”

Nancy and Selma Hatchi Design

Note: This was a free translation from French

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Selma, so I highly invite you to come talk to her. Wishing great success to Hatchi Design and now, let’s get ready for Start up Fashion Week!

If you haven’t yet, check out Hatchi Design before the show this Friday and come to the Start up Fashion Week! I’ll be there as well tomorrow – on Wednesday – and on Friday for the runway show. Cheers!

See her website here.
Follow her on instagram @hatchidesign
Follow her on Facebook @hatchidesignofficial
Check out SFW here.


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